NANOVOCONTROL nano-coating will disperse due to the spraying process into nano molecules, can cover more than most of the normal volatiles formaldehyde coating, not even to mention the DIY project with hand spray and no experience.
can 24/7 continuously decompose formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful substances, compared to the different levels of photocatalyst (only in the light environment in order to be effective) The NANOVOCONTROL can be more long-lasting and much stronger resolving power The NANOVOCONTROL can decompose odor, paint fumes as well! Because odor molecules will be decomposed , it is not a mask, compared to some say using pineapple, orange, lemon or scented spray, is more effective, it will not attracted insects and blooms.

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How about off-gas for few weeks to lower the VOC level?

The odor concentration might just slightly decline, but still can be hazard and bring irreversible damage to us.

Do charcoal or pineapple absorbing VOC?

Can you let the charcoal work for 2 year before moving in a new renovated place? Pineapple does not absorb any VOC no matter how long they are placed.

Do plants remove VOC?

In fact, plants need to take five years to absorb maximum 80% formaldehyde and VOC in your area in most situation.

Ozone discompose VOC?

Since there is no lasting effect on ozone treatment, no further effect for those furniture that can re-distributed VOC after ozone treatment.

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